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We help organizations to plan and execute there primary business objective and goals without compromising on security or privacy. We help organizations reduce time to launch deep-tec products by providing technology support and managed IT services. We are one stop solution for all your Business IT requirement.

Our Services

Cyber Security

Enhanced Threat Prevention. We integrate – Threat Landscape, Data Science, Trust Model.

Managed Services

Protect Data – Reduce Risk. Managed Security, Security Testing, Technology Support, Consulting.

Infrastructure Security

Security for every element of your business IT infrastructure, extending beyond on-premises network.

Network Security

Fast, frictionless, and secure access to enterprise data that stands the center for all security strategy.

Red team/Attack simulation

We are security experts first; we provide expert technical advices in cybersecurity.


We consider security as a job of every employee, rather than only of security professionals.

IT Consulting

We help you to make the best use of information technology to achieve your business goals.

Cloud Security

We provides technical and process gap assessment from business security perspective.

Am I breached?

Is you systems unusually slow? Are you not able to access the data, does it take too long? Is there activity in unusual network ports? Unexpected user account lockouts? Repeated application crashes? Unexpected redirections in browsers?

The possibility is that you may be breached, there might be APT in your system.

Container Security​

Securing Cloud and Container environment is a continues process and has to be integrated into development process.

I Don't have a Cyber Security Department... Where should I Start​?

Join us, your one-stop shop for all your cyber security services and solutions.

You can out source all your security requirement and focus on your core business, if you are looking to build a team, we can help you hire the right candidates, or you can hire our professional’s in contract.

We can help you build from scratch may it be from Enterprise security Architecture to component level architecture, we have right expertise at all levels.

Looks like you really don’t have to start from scratch.

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