Cyber Security​

Enhanced Threat Prevention -Aligned to Business

Our cyber security program focuses on establishing effective controls around organizations most sensitive assets to ensure investments are made to close Security gaps in the architecture and make sure productivity, business growth are not compromised.

Our tailor-made, context-rich, Adaptive, and intelligent security model that works by prevention first approach. We help our clients to identify and understand their key business risks and cyber threats evolving around them.

We provide strategies, actionable roadmaps, and reference architectures to our clients that help prevent as many threats as possible, help detection on the threat at an early stage, and prepare them for response.

We Integrate

Threat Landscape

Data Science

Trust Model

Cyber Security Approach

Our holistic approach to cyber security is focused on 8 main Domains and its sub-domains – Data, Operations, foundational, transmission , IAM, Risk, App and Strategy.

Mode Of Deployment

We have three different approach for cyber security deployment for all our clients.

  • Strategic in house team deployment
  • Consulting & deployment
  • Managed Services.

Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing

Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing nowadays. Cybercrime mainly refers to any illegal activities carried out using sophisticated techniques ranging from phishing, social engineering, denial of service, malware attacks, ransomware to all kinds of attacks the attackers perform to pursue their heinous plans. Also, one should be worried about the Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) which should be hard to detect. Cybercriminals can target from a single individual to businesses organizations to governments. So, none of these mentioned groups are any more or less safe from threats. Impact of cybercrimes can be catastrophic due to the critical risk of data loss and financial loss and even leads to brand damage.

Technique of protecting data from intrusions

Cyber Security is the technique of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, infrastructures, and data from hostile intrusions. We should consider cybersecurity as a prime service as cyber-attacks are increasing exponentially in sophistication, with attackers using an each and every variety of stratagem. The powerful cybersecurity strategy is to at least implement best defense against this type of attacks. We provide a cybersecurity approach which is governed by industry best practices and using advanced tools and analytics which can mitigate cyberthreats more efficiently and effectively and reduce the impact of cyber-attacks as they occur.

We provide and ensure cybersecurity services

We provide and ensure cybersecurity services in Network security: preventing unauthorized access of the network from intruders, Application security: protecting applications from threats, Information security: protecting the privacy and integrity of data while at rest and in transit, Operational security: deals with processing and making decisions on handling and securing data assets, Disaster recovery and business continuity: it  dictate how the organization can restores its operations and information to return to the same operating capacity as before the attack. Business continuity is the plan the organization falls back on while trying to operate without certain resources.

We assure 100% security

We provide comprehensive information and cyber security services for Enterprises, Corporates, Businesses etc. Our cybersecurity services ranging from Information Security Assessments, Data Governance, Managed Security Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Security Awareness Education, Penetration Testing, Network Security Monitoring etc. We offer advanced level of threat detection and defense strategies required to block attacks before they damage your business. Also, we help organizations respond to attacks faster using the latest and most sophisticated cybersecurity technology while retaining a well-documented audit report. We assure 100 percent security with our cyber security services.

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