Securing Retail Industry

More and more people making purchases from home using mobile and personal computers and we have no control over the security of any such devices and therefore its now more important time than ever to secure business against retail security threats.

Cyberattacks against the retail sector are an ongoing concern.

Cyberattacks against the retail sector are an ongoing concern. In recent years, retailers and shopping websites that have experienced headline-generating security breaches. In-store cyber-attacks occur when criminals steal credit card information from payment terminals at the check-out lanes. Online attacks involve hackers breaking in to website databases to steal data such as payment information, usernames and passwords that they can use on other websites. Tens of millions of security breaches can happen all at once following these attacks. Retailers have access to a wealth of above-mentioned sensitive data about their customers, who use often-repeated login details for their accounts, that’s the reason for retail industry is one among top list for attackers.

Most cyber-attacks are targeted at small and medium enterprises

Most cyber-attacks are targeted at small and medium enterprises, which do not have the expertise or resources to prevent attacks by attackers. The attackers use a wide range of methods, ranging from simple social engineering to sophisticated DoS/DDoS attacks against retail industries. Many cyber-attacks are caused by internal errors; retail employees not following basic cybersecurity protocols, engaging with emails from unauthorised personnel, and accidentally sharing confidential information with threat actors. The most common type of cyber-attacks against retail business are ransomware attacks and retail phishing attacks.

We provide you to secure your retail industry

OffenseLogic delivers to Market security solutions designed to cover different stages of the retail sales cycle, protecting not just POS systems and workstations but all related IT infrastructure. We provide you to secure your retail industry through combining many technologies including: SD-WAN- With Secure SD-WAN implemented retailers can ensure that security is built into the fabric of their networks. Likewise, as traditional routers no longer provide the necessary visibility into business applications within these complex cloud infrastructures, Enabling Zero-Trust- provides you trust no one approach, and enforcing strong authentication requirements.

We provide retailers dynamic & adaptive security solutions

We provide retailers dynamic and adaptive security solutions to protect their environments from attacks that continue to grow in prevalence and sophistication. Whether from an e-commerce or point-of-sale perspective, the retail industry collects, transmits, processes, and stores more digital customer data than ever before. To ensure consistent and secure customer experiences, we take a holistic approach to digital transformation by seeking out technology and platforms that build security into the fabric of connectivity. We make sure you stay compliant, stay protected and always stay open for business.

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