Next Gen WAN

SD-WAN is an application of Software Defined Network (SDN) technology that is more reliable and scalable than VPN-based WAN solutions because it takes a software-based approach to extend enterprise networks.

For Enterprises with multi geo-location Presence, access required from anywhere, huge campus network, Cloud access and high volume backup are required SD-WAN is an ideal solution.

SD WAN has all the capability of a traditional WAN solution with added security, it has capability to Combine traditional WAN technologies with unsecure broadband connections and produce a secured WAN connection. SD WAN can be centrally managed and monitored.

Software-defined Wide Area Network

Traditional WAN typically require backhauling of traffic from branch offices to a hub where advanced security inspection services can be applied. The delay caused by backhaul diminish application performance resulting in a poor user experience and lost productivity. A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to support any combination of transport services to securely connect users to applications. An SD-WAN uses a centralized control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN. This increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience, resulting in increased business productivity, agility and reduced costs for IT.

SD-WAN uses an abstracted architecture for its network

Unlike the traditional router-centric WAN architecture, the SD-WAN model is designed to fully support applications hosted in on-premise data centers, public or private clouds and SaaS services such as, Workday, Office 365 and Dropbox, while delivering the highest levels of application performance. SD-WAN uses an abstracted architecture for its network. In an abstracted architecture, the network is divided into two parts: the control plane and the forwarding plane. The SD-WAN architecture moves the control plane to a centralized location like an organization’s headquarters. That way, the network can be managed remotely without the need for an on-premises IT crew.

Benefits of SD-WAN

There are many benefits of SD-WAN for businesses that can help you develop a valuable competitive advantage in a highly saturated marketplace. Some of the advantages of implementing SD-WAN solutions include: Increased application performance, Enhanced user experience, Increased bandwidth at a lower cost since the network traffic can be provisioned for optimal speeds and throttle low-priority applications, Increased efficiency and productivity, Reduced costs for IT hardware, maintenance, and labour, Greater business agility and flexibility, Increased data security, Full visibility into the network. etc.

We provides advanced SD-WAN solutions

We will provide you advanced SD-WAN solutions which converges networking and security functionality, and can eliminate the need to deploy expensive point security products at branch locations. An SD-WAN with a large network of globally-distributed points-of-presence (PoPs) can provide high-performance, secure networking with centralized management and visibility. And our SD-WAN services provides you with benefits like reduced wan costs, enhanced wan performance, simplified wan management, improved wan agility and improved wan availability. Networking and security integration can also improve performance since networking and security appliances can be optimized to interoperate with one another.

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