Secure Remote Access​

Scalability and security for remote access

Secure remote access is a resilient and reliable connection for employees working from home to securely connect to office/cloud network. With such a system in place end users can leverage a remote access service securely and directly on their end devices.

As enterprises expand their perimeter when allowing remote access, we ensure our solution enforces security to remote devices and hence enabling protections services like

- Stateful Firewall inspection
- DoS protection
- Next-Generation Firewall protection
- Intrusion Protection System (IPS)
- URL filtering

To the end user devices.

And also delivers zero trust access to the resources requested and delivering a boundary less protection to the corporate environment as well as the remote access user.

Work from home

We all know this pandemic has made so many changes in our lives. And one of the most important ones is Work from home. Isn’t it? Most of the employees are doing work from home now. But what about the security ? We need to ensure that our remote access is secure. We provide secure remote access for you. Secure Remote Access is a combination of security processes or solutions that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to into the network and prevent the loss of sensitive data. Secure remote access can encompass a number of methodologies such as VPN, multifactor authentication, and endpoint protection, amongst others.

Secure remote access solutions

Secure remote access solutions work with network elements like a Domain Name System (DNS) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure continuous security and performance of your applications. Essentially, secure remote access is a mix of security strategies and not necessarily one specific technology like a VPN. The different technologies used by secure remote access includes: Endpoint Security, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Network access control (NAC), Single sign-on (SSO), Privileged access management (PAM), Granular Access Control – Scheduling and Rules For Defined Roles and Software Defined Perimeter (SDP).

The benefits of secure remote access include:

The benefits of secure remote access include: Secure anywhere-any device access, Robust endpoint protection, Safe and secure web access, Raises awareness of security issues, End users can employ a remote access service that delivers SASE benefits straight to their end devices, Enables granular access to third parties and external systems, Increases productivity and ease of administration, Helps comply with various remote access compliance standards. Also, secure remote access provides protection from cybersecurity risks such as phishing, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, ransomware attacks etc.

Next-Generation Firewall protection

In a globally decentralized business landscape, hackers will continually present a risk to network security. With this danger in mind, organizations need to take preventative actions in securing remote network access for their employees or face the consequences. The goal of security in secure remote access is to ensure that only authorized users have access to the applications they’re certified to use and, at the same time, limiting the attack surface available to hackers. We assure that our technology enforces security on remote devices, enabling security services such as Stateful Firewall inspection, DoS protection, URL filtering, Intrusion Protection System (IPS), Next-Generation Firewall protection to the end user’s devices.

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