Cloud Security

Cloud adoption is growing rapidly and so is the threats to cloud security. There are few common issues that must be addressed to overcome these threats to a large extent.

- Misconfiguration
- Unauthorized Access
- Insecure Interfaces/APIs
- Hijacking of Accounts
- Lack of Visibility
- Malicious Insiders
- Cyberattacks

Our cloud security approach considers business alignment, and provides technical and process gap assessment from business security perspective. We focus in enabling and smooth functioning of business and we consider security as a business enabler rather than blocker of functionalities. We embed security into the cloud architecture and not try and build security around cloud infrastructure. We focus on Zero trust model, which eliminates the biggest threat “TRUST”.

Accelerate your Cloud journey with us

Know your Security posture

Attack surface identification, Gap Identification, create business aligned cloud architecture, Cloud Migration, Security review

Automation & adaptive security

Automate deployment of security guardrails for cloud and build adaptive security controls capable to heal, detect and protect it self from evolving threats

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has become one of the essential parts of the digital transformation of businesses, especially after the global pandemic which made remote working, a normal phenomenon. Video conferencing platforms, communication apps, virtual private networks (VPN), and Cloud storage have made it easier for professionals to collaborate while not operating from a central location. With trends, like work from home and remote and flexible work culture taking a centre stage, Cloud and data security have become a vital part of the business tech infrastructure. And while most businesses have been prompt in identifying and making the shift, a lot of businesses continue to remain unaware of the security protocols and the significance of adequate Cloud security measures.

Issues in cloud security

There are numerous issues in cloud security, including a larger attack surface, a lack of visibility and tracking, constantly changing workloads, and a complex environment. The most common cybersecurity risks associated with the cloud computing are: data theft, compliance violations, malware attacks, end-user control, shared vulnerabilities, denial of service attacks, insecure API’s, data loss, account hijacking, insider threats, revenue loss etc. So we need to give prime importance to cloud security and as we know security in the cloud is a joint duty between both the cloud supplier and the consumer.

We provide complete cloud security solution

In order to effectively mitigate the risks and threats associated with cloud security we provide complete cloud security solution that will: Ensure cloud security governance and compliance is effective, Manage identities, people and roles, Enforce privacy policies, Audit business procedures, Assess security vulnerabilities for cloud applications, monitor cloud networks security, Evaluate physical infrastructure and security controls, provide 24/7 cloud monitoring, provide enhanced control on the passage on information, Gives alerts for security incidents, Prevent accidental data leaks, enable efficient data recovery/ disaster recovery plan. The cloud is here to stay, and companies must balance the risks of cloud services with the clear benefits they bring.

Availability, reliability, and security

With our cloud security solutions, you can understand your cloud security posture, can become proactive with compliance, automate deployment of cloud security, can employ security monitoring and response. We help you to solve all problems and we provide across technically segregated systems and micro-segments, zero-trust cloud network security measures, Enhanced data protection etc. We put a premium on facilitating and smooth business operations, and we see security as a business priority rather than a technical blocker. Our cloud computing security solution provides companies with the availability, reliability, and security they need to conduct business in a global marketplace.

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