Network Security​

Security Beyond Connectivity​

We believe in a multi-dimensional security strategy that offers organizations a secure and smooth experience to achieve business continuity. With the increased demand for fast, frictionless, and secure access to enterprise data that stands the center for all security strategy.

DATA is the only objective around which revolves all of our strategy.

With the evolving new global changes, pandemic situation and increasing demand for working from home has opened up new attack vectors and workforce issues, including those from insider threats.

We offers solutions that help our clients mature their security posture and reduce attack surface, by developing a network security program that is in line with the strategic objectives and risk appetite of the organization. We focus on establishing effective controls around organizations Network to ensure right investments are made in securing most important asset.

We categorize network into five major category and further create subcategories that help us to protect and reduce the attack surface. We believe that not all cutting edge technology belongs to all organization and we never overload any solution with all the knowledge we have, we always focus in creating tailor made architecture that fits the business requirement.

- Endpoint Protection
- Access Network Security
- Remote Access Security
- Core Network Security
- WAN Security

Network security shields many technologies, devices, and processes

Every companies or business organizations has lot of sensitive data to protect like important business data, customers’ personal information, and confidential files that should not leak outside are a few examples. The safety of data is only made possible by implementing useful network security tools and techniques. Network Security refers to a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of computer networks and data. Network security shields many technologies, devices, and processes. Sound network security controls are recommended for organizations to reduce the risk of an attack or data breach.

It is important to implement the network security

Attackers or malicious actors will try each and every technique to take advantage of network vulnerabilities with the aim to breach or sabotage the information or the data that is highly valuable to the company. Also, they will try to gain unauthorized access into the system and can even manipulate the entire system. The type of network attacks can be of active- denial of service, masquerade, replay, modification of the requests etc and passive- traffic analysis, release of message content. So, it is important to implement the network security and fool proof network security is only possible through a detailed risk assessment process.

We propose a network security approach through a detailed risk assessment process

We propose a network security approach through a detailed risk assessment process. These measures also enable the safe operation of IT systems. Network security consists of hardware and software technologies and are ideally composed of layers that include applications, antivirus, access management, servers, firewalls, physical access, and policies. We provide network security control layers which includes: access control, identification, authentication, authorization and accounting mechanisms. Our solutions include next generation firewalls which can block modern-day cyber threats, such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks. Also we provide 24/7 network traffic monitoring.

Network security helps you protect proprietary information from attack

Network security helps you protect proprietary information from attack. Ultimately it protects your reputation. The benefits of network security include: Mitigates risk, Protects proprietary information, Builds trust, Enables a more modern workplace. Besides these benefits, a network security system offers additional advantages that may be less obvious but are just as critical to a company’s business operations. As per today’s industry infrastructure situation, all kinds of organizations first aim to prepare one good network security system to ensure the loss of any secure data.

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