Hybrid Workspace​

Hybrid workforce is the best of both world​

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis unfolds uncertainty and warns leaders to prepare for what is coming next.

The new reality is already at the gate we have to adapt and accelerate to become next-gen-resilient and next-gen-agile.

Hybrid workforce is the solution that is been adapted rapidly within the organizations world wide, with employees using their personal devices, personal WiFi, personal security technology and already working from home and public places.

Are they safe to connect?

There are several safety concerns that we will have to address in a hybrid workplace, where people move in and out of office and home and even connect from public places to work, this sometimes may be a nightmare from cyber security perspective if not planned and executed well.

Advantages of
Hybrid Workforce

Hybrid work culture does less harm to the nature, reduces carbon footprint, more employee satisfaction

Hybrid Workspace is the new way of working.

The blend of office and remote work will be appreciated by employees also increasing their productivity and wellbeing, however there are many security challenges. So, in a hybrid work environment we should address the security issues around integrity of data, security, technical capacity and capability, and business outcomes by reviewing employee behavior. Security is always a priority, but remote and hybrid work environments continue to introduce new challenges and complexities that most organizations have yet to reconcile.

The important security risks associated with hybrid workspace includes:

Threats associated with mobile devices- malware attacks, device lost or stolen, shoulder surfing/eavesdropping, insecure wi-fi networks- More remote working also means greater exposure to potentially risky Wi-Fi hotspots in public locations like train stations, airports and coffee shops. Even if such networks require a password, employees may be at risk of digital eavesdropping, malware, session hijacking or man-in-the-middle attacks. Altogether the above risks can be classified under operational, Compliance and data privacy risks, Brand reputation risks, Employee risks.

Complete hybrid work force security solution

We have the complete hybrid work force security solution which contains and provides you with: Zero Trust micro segmented infrastructure, Software defined and blockchain defined perimeter protection for servers and storages, logging and visibility, Software Defined Perimeter for invisibility, 3 factor authentication, Blockchain Defined Perimeter, protect credential theft, Controller based solution, Insider Threat management, Realtime alert, Enforced Encryption, BYOD management, Employ Productivity management, Access control, DLP, SSO, Identity management, Automated DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, Anti Malware & Ransomware protection, Intrusion detection and prevention, Access Management and threat logs

Deployment of Hybrid work force solution

During the pre and post deployment of Hybrid work force solution we perform security validation and assessment of client’s environment to show the difference from security perspective. With a newly dispersed workforce traditional security perimeters vanish overnight, for the workforce to connect from anywhere and work with peace of mind and our custom build solution for remote access satisfies all the conditions. Our solution provides you with fast user experience, secure access to all applications, visibility and troubleshooting, rapid deployment, cyberthreat protection and data protection.
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